Saturday, 31 December 2016

Quote Of The Month

Fahrenheit 211 on lazy journalism:
"This is an excellent piece that is a an antidote to the lazy and inaccurate writing of Mr Dysch. For my own part I’m also disgusted at both the timid attitude taken by all too many in Britain’s Jewish community towards Islamic extremists who promote Shariah and the hostility shown to those like Mr Robinson who are standing up against it. For what it’s worth I’d like to tell Mr Dysch this: I’d rather have Mr Robinson on my side than those whether they be Jew or non-Jew who refuse to look at, let alone do anything about, the growing problems with Islamic extremism in Britain today."


Antisthenes said...

When different groups congregate together then conflicts of interests will impact how they interact with one another. One thing the EU freedom of movement has taught us(it's one redeeming feature) that those congregations can have no serious adverse effects if the cultures and beliefs are not too dissimilar. What the EU(especially Merkel) and domestic governments have also taught us is that free movement has it limitations. Open borders to groups whose cultures and beliefs are considerably different to those who reside within those borders then serious adverse effects are guaranteed.

Islamisation of Europe is probably the most pernicious adverse effect we can see being attempted in practice. An over demand for resources that impoverishes infrastructure and a major shift in political allegiance(which is why the left like open borders so much) is another. Taken together those processes create for us an insurmountable challenge unless we are united in confronting them which we are not. Many on the left are not with us and the establishment in the main are not either. We have opened the battle with Brexit and Trump but they may be Pyrrhic victories if either prove insubstantial and are not followed up by more victories. Say in the French and German elections where Le Pen or her like is voted in(not that I like her but my enemies enemy is my friend) and Merkel is voted out and the Islamic threat gains a position that will no longer be tolerated.

JuliaM said...

"Many on the left are not with us and the establishment in the main are not either."

The Left can be ignored. But the Establishment is a tougher nut to crack.