Saturday, 26 August 2017

Perverse Incentives...

Youngsters at risk of being caught up in crime and disorder at Notting Hill Carnival are being removed from the area...
...and taken on a £20,000 water sports holiday.
The Alternative to Carnival Engagement (ACE) scheme, which is organised by the council’s former youth service Epic CIC, was set up five years ago.
Good god! 'Act like a little thug & you'll get a holiday'. What could go wrong?
He added: “In the months leading up to Carnival, the young people are supported with one-to-one mentoring, independent living skills, healthy eating, as well as knife and gang awareness sessions.”
Aren't those all things their parents should be teaching them?
Commenting on the project, Emma Dent Coad, Labour MP for Kensington, said: “a lot of our young people have been failed by our society and we must do anything we can to try to keep them on the straight and narrow.
“This scheme may not work for everybody but it may work for some.”
No, love. They've been failed by their useless, couldn't-care-less parents, not by society.

And what's the cost benefit of this scheme? How much is each of these 'few' costing the taxpayer?

H/T:  @VOTEfascistCOW via Twitter


Scrobs. said...

"useless, couldn't-care-less parents"

The real word is 'feckless', as one has usually fecked off.

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