Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Strange Way of ‘Bettering Oneself’…

Following the convictions, Nsaka’s family said they struggled to understand how their loved one who was “not a fighter” could have been killed.
They said he had a “heart of gold and never held any grudges” and was at university because he wanted to better himself.
And how did he try to do that?
On 18 January, the three friends were walking through the university when one of the defendants, Kawa, passed by and gave Tamfuri a “screw-face” look, jurors heard.
The next day, they asked a female friend of Kawa’s why he had stared at them angrily and she accused Tamfuri of giving him the “screw-face” expression. He told her to tell Kawa he should “be humble” and she replied in sarcastic tones: “Don’t worry, I will tell him,” jurors heard.
The friends were out in Camden when the defendants arrived at the halls to have it out with them, jurors were told.
A security guard ejected the men and overheard one of them tell Tamfuri’s girlfriend: “I don’t beat girls, bring your boyfriend. I’m gonna kill him, bring him outside.” As they left, one of them shouted: “Watch, watch, watch,” the court heard.
The three students returned at about 1am and were approached by the three men in a dark green Rover. The driver, Tas, shouted: “Humble who, humble whom, what you saying?”
He punched Bonda in the face and Kawa produced a large knife from the waistband of his trousers and tried to stab him with it, the court heard.
Bonda saw a third man, matching the description of Davies, also produce a knife.
The victim shouted to them to stop, saying, “Allow it”, but Kawa continued saying “Humble who?”
Nsaka threw a traffic cone at the men but was left behind as his friends ran back into the halls of residence, the court heard.
A neighbour saw him collapse on the ground in a pool of blood as the three men got back into the car. He was pronounced dead just before 2am.
Ah, by getting in with a bunch of friends whose mouths wrote checks their body couldn't cash, then ran away like the cowards they were...


ivan said...

What is it with the snowflake kids of today that some strange facial expression gets their knickers all in a twist?

Michael said...

Academia has changed since I left University. Back then, it was exciting if a coffee was spilt. Mind you, we were there to learn. Somehow, noting that degree (?) he was reading in not mentioned, not likely to be Mathematics or Science then...

JuliaM said...

"What is it with the snowflake kids of today that some strange facial expression gets their knickers all in a twist?"

He was dissed, innit bruv?

"Academia has changed since I left University. "

And not for the better.