Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The NHS, Gawd Bless it!

An NHS worker is being investigated by police and social services over allegedly feeding her two toddlers turpentine to cure 'parasites' that she believes are infecting their bodies.
The mother, who is not being named for legal reasons, is believed to work in healthcare and was formerly an employee of Hull Royal Infirmary.
She was reported to police after posting in a private Facebook group appearing to confess to giving her two children aged under five the dangerous substance by 'tricking' them and disguising it in juice.
Emma, from London, has campaigned for autism rights for more than four years and has previously spoken out on the use of bleach enemas on autistic children by their parents.
Two weeks ago, social services were forced to take safeguarding measures against one mother who had allegedly used bleach as a 'cure' for her son's severe autism.
What the hell..?
A spokesperson from Hull Royal Infirmary confirmed the mother was a former employee but is no longer an employee of the trust.
But might be working at a hospital near you. Somewhere.


stengle said...

It's reasonable to assume these appointed 'health staff' had not listened to any real 'health advice' because they, um, don't really speaka da Inglis much. No point in them reading text books and attending lectures because, well, diversity on the wards is everything and merely sitting watching a slide show is a bit pointless. Nothing to do with them, hey?

(By diversity on the wards I mean those who can help the healing the process and those sort of less likely. Just a lottery which ones you get in the new, super NHS)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something a superstitious, 3rd world, Whitchurch doctor would do.

Oi you said...

It's definitely rather Victorian, along with dosing your spouse with arsenic...


Anonymous said...

Charlie Gard, another grand knuckle dragging, politics over potential treatment, NHS achievement that should make 'em proud too. Long live NHS, like the proverbial foot that stomps on the face. Forever.

JuliaM said...

"Just a lottery which ones you get in the new, super NHS"

I think the game's rigged!

"Sounds like something a superstitious, 3rd world, Whitchurch doctor would do."

It does sound very diverse, doesn't it?