Thursday, 10 August 2017

No, You're Not Doing 'The Police's Job'...

Mr Green’s warning comes days after a community safety meeting in Islington where Michelle McPhillips, mother of murdered 28-year-old Jonathan McPhillips, called for greater police efforts to halt a recent spate of knife crime in the capital.
What more can they do?
“People are actually doing ‘safe stabbings’ – using a knife in a way they know won’t kill,” she was quoted in the Islington Gazette as saying.
That's because they're thick. There's no such thing.
She said: “A lot of people in this borough don’t know about the murder of my son.
Well, yes, because they're thick too.
“I am handing out leaflets myself, doing the police’s job. You understand? There’s no support for us out there. It’s like we are doing all the work ourselves.
It's not the job of the police, you moron! Good grief, is everyone thick in Islington?
“I am approaching young people on the Marquess Estate, a hotspot where a couple of months ago there were three stabbings in the space of 24 hours.”
Keep approaching them, there'll soon be another!


Umbongo said...

" . . is everyone thick in Islington?"

Evidently they are. Look who they elect to Parliament.

The Blocked Dwarf said...

"handing out leaflets myself, doing the police’s job"

Someone is confusing the Police with the Jehovas Witness.

@Umbongo "
Evidently they are. Look who they elect to Parliament."

You say that but the Islington I knew, the People's Republic of, would never have given the Landlady more votes than the communists.

Ted Treen said...

And who was it who demonstrated against the "suss" law "stop and search" activity? Some of us said it would end in tears.