Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Council Doesn't Like Being Undercut...

Furious residents and councillors became suspicious after a huge pile of waste started to build up after two groups of travellers set up camp in Rushley Park, Basildon.
The pile was so large it appeared to be impossible for the group of 12 travellers to have left it by themselves. Then the dumping scheme emerged.
Which it never would have, had they not been undercutting the official council tip!
Basildon Council paid £500 for security guards to stand at the entrance last Thursday and they were stunned to hear people were bringing their rubbish to the site to dump it.
They told them the travellers were charging other travellers to dump their waste there.
...previously travellers had left 100 tonnes of rubbish near to St Nicholas Church in Laindon. The cost of the clean-up reached about £6,000 and so the £500 sum was a small price to pay in comparison.
Maybe if you embarked on a course of action, such as landing the travellers with the bill rather than the poor bloody taxpayer, you wouldn't need to..?


Jim said...

The Environment Agency are quite happy to prosecute everyone else for illegal waste disposal:


Pikeys get a free pass for some unknown reason.

Anonymous said...

I think travellers are classed as a separate species. Unfortunately, not an endangered one!

JuliaM said...

"Unfortunately, not an endangered one!"

Not are rats. Just sayin'!