Friday, 4 August 2017

She Was 83.... she really ought to have known the Green Cross Code:
Hugh Hunter, a resident of nearby Spencers Court said: “As the schools were leaving, the woman went to cross the road as thought the car was driving away.”
He feel that the safety of the elderly woman and children as they leave for school would be much greater if there was a larger police presence in and around Irvon Hill Road.
Mr Hunter said: “This would never have happened if we did have the police there. If the council decided to place a sign outside, no one would listen. We need more police or Community Support Officers in the area to check for the children and keep them safe.”
Oh, good lord! What are they supposed to do, help you all to cross the road?
Mr Hunter says that roads have been blocked by parents parking their cars before running in to pick up their children and even arguments have broken out over the business of the street.
He continued: “If someone would be there to monitor what is going on outside the school, it will keep the children and people like this woman safe.”
How did we ever get to the point of being so dependent on the state that we can't even cross the road without a state-appointed guardian?

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