Thursday, 31 August 2017

Quote Of The Month

Dick Puddlecote on the NHS treatment of e-gig users, as exemplified by their treatment of the much missed Anna Raccoon in her final hours:
"As you can see, oxygen on its own cannot burn, it requires a source of ignition, and even exposed terminals from a dripper can't do that on their own. Something else has to be involved to cause a problem, as the video poster says: 
"It is possible, if she's got a 40 watt dripper (which sets light to bedding - DP), and her oxygen feed has oxygenated a blanket, for an e-cig to cause a fire. I don't think so myself, I suspect it might be some other source of ignition" 
Anna wouldn't have even known what a dripper is, let alone owned one, and I would challenge absolutely anyone to try to light any material with an Ego. It would be like trying to start a barbecue with a TV remote control."


Anonymous said...

oxygen cannot burn -full stop

Ted Treen said...

Of course it can't:- burning IS oxidation - i.e. chemically combining with oxygen.

JuliaM said...

Come now, why would medical staff be expected to know about all that sciency stuff?