Friday, 4 August 2017

Why Indeed...?

One resident living close to the land, who asked not to be named, said: “I look out my window and I can see their children running around near the roads.
“Some look so young.
“The kids are loud and by the looks of it they are also leaving rubbish behind and dumping rubbish.”
A neighbour added: “I don’t understand - if people come to the seafront for car meets it’s all dealt with and stopped but this happens and nothing can be done.
“It baffles me how the law works.”
Travellers previously pitched up on the site last week, staying there for five days before moving on. It is not known if this is the same group.
One seafront visitor, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “If we parked illegally we would be clamped then towed.
Why has this not happened to them?”
Well, anon, how long have you got?


Anonymous said...

The weekly Saturday morning parkrun at one of our local parks has been cancelled until further notice. I bet you can't guess why.


John M said...

It baffles me the kid gloves these people are treated with. Perhaps a few "shock tactics", with overwhelming police and possibly army forces, demanding instant moving on (avec all the stinking rubbish) on pain of arrest and having thier bloody caravans removed and crushed would do the trick.

Have a bonfire of all thier gippo stuff and see if they ever come back. Right now the useless plods don't even seem to take the simple step of running a database of numberplates so they can identify serial offenders and track them? Chris I bet half of them aren't even insured...

Dr Evil said...

Why are they not 'done' for fly tipping too?

Anonymous said...

A local permanent travellers (an oxymoron?) site was subjected recently to a horrendous act of fly tipping just inside the entrance. It blocked access and egress and the poor residents asked why the council doesn't do anything to stop this sort of thing (I assume that travellers don't do irony)? When told that the rubbish was dumped on (their) private land, it was up to them to clear it. They waited till dark and pushed it all 30 yards down the road. The council cleared it up without a murmur. The original offenders, by the way, was a group of Round Table, Tory voting, Christians. I'm only joking - it was another group of travellers who, of course, were also not prosecuted. It's great living here. I'd even swap Julia's Southend dogs for this lot.

Anonymous said...

From the article: 'As the land is privately owned by Goldfield Developments, it is up to the firm to fork out legal costs to remove the group.
Southend Council has no jurisdiction to serve the travellers notice to leave'.
Far be it from me cast aspersions at people who wish to develop their land but they would never 'encourage' travellers to use their land as a lever to expedite planning permission would they? I'm not saying this is what has happened in this case but some developers use it as a negotiating tactic.
I'll ignore the fantasy responses involving the armed services. They've been cut to buggery so evicting travellers isn't on any to do list at the moment. At the moment if a private landowner won't take action there is the square root of fuck all anyone can do.

Flaxen Saxon said...

The travelling folk are a bit of a social challenge, aren't they- bless em.

MTG said...

Goldfield Developments. Probably as straightforward as the offshore bank accounts belonging to drug squad plod.

JuliaM said...

"I bet you can't guess why."

I bet I can! :/

"It baffles me the kid gloves these people are treated with."

The effects of Common Purpose in action, marching through our institutions...

"Why are they not 'done' for fly tipping too?"

Because there's far too much low hanging fruit that's guaranteed to pay up instead?

"(I assume that travellers don't do irony)?"

Amongst many, many other things. Like work.

"Far be it from me cast aspersions at people who wish to develop their land but they would never 'encourage' travellers to use their land as a lever to expedite planning permission would they?"


Anonymous said...

From the Echo-news article: "Photographs show that high barriers at the entrance to the waste land, which is currently used as a car park, have come loose."

Hmmm....some Occam's Razor time. Is it likely that travellers were just roaming around vainly hoping to find a location with loose barriers, or that travellers came, saw a suitable location and loosened whatever barriers were found.