Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Anyone Care For A Little Wager?

A man who was Tasered while carrying a samurai sword faces prison after admitting another offence.
John Gunn had admitted possessing the “katana” Japanese sword at Three Bridges railway station in December.
Hmmm.... Is it me, or does that name ring a bell?
The 27-year-old builder was due to be sentenced at Brighton Crown Court last month by Judge Shani Barnes.
She was angry with Gunn because he missed a meeting with the probation service because he still smelled of alcohol from the night before.
Oh yes! It's coming back to me now.
She agreed to adjourn the sentencing hearing.
But just days later Gunn admitted possessing a lock knife in public near his home in Breydon Walk, Crawley.
Gunn, who has seven convictions for 18 offences, now faces the sentencing hearing tomorrow (May 7).
One wonders why she couldn't see what he was without 'reports'. But some women have trouble spotting a bad 'un, even when it's written all over his face.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. What will he get?


mikebravo said...

I will put £5 on a severe, almost, penultimate warning.

Ted Treen said...

At least the wagging finger, methinks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a fiver from the poor box will form part of his 'punishment'?

JuliaM said...

I guess we'll all just have to go on wondering, as there's no mention in the local news of the final sentence!