Friday, 10 May 2019

Incapable Of Learning...

A Sheffield councillor needed an operation and plastic surgery after being viciously bitten by a dog while out leafleting.
Former Lord Mayor Denise Fox had reconstructive surgery on her right index finger after a dog attacked her when she put her hand through a letterbox.
The dog owner has been given a warning by police.
Clearly, they realised there was no point warning her! If she didn't heed all the other reports, that is.
Some politicians push leaflets through letterboxes with wooden spoons, sticks or umbrellas to avoid dog bites.
I guess she's just thick.
A few years ago, three political campaigners had the ends of their fingers bitten off by dogs while leafleting during the local elections.
Diana Stimely, Sue Ross and Michael Nicholson all needed operations.
Who'd elect a councillor who can't avoid the totally avoidable?


microdave said...

Anyone who's ever done a paper round knows that you NEVER put your hand through a letterbox! One house on my round had a dog which would take the paper AND YOUR HAND through the flap if you weren't bloody quick...

Stonyground said...

Isn't being unable to predict really predictable unintended consequences a requirement for being any kind of politician?

Ben said...

Was it a foxhound?

JuliaM said...

"Anyone who's ever done a paper round..."

Probably lets out most aspiring politicians then!

"...a requirement for being any kind of politician?"

There's plenty of evidence!

"Was it a foxhound?"