Friday, 31 May 2019

Quote Of The Month

Tim Newman on a new cause of death:
"There was a time when Boeing would have known what systems and processes to put in place to ensure a plane is airworthy, and they’d have employed people with the knowledge, skills, and character to implement them. In parallel, the FAA would have employed competent, experienced people who could be trusted to sign off on an aircraft only if it was safe. But Boeing’s priorities changed along with those of the FAA, reordered to place social justice, inclusion, and diversity at the top as they proceed with their mission to remake the world according to their ideology. And now we have planes dropping out of the sky and killing hundreds of people in accidents due to colossal organisational failings from outfits that are preaching to us about morality."
And Longrider on the predictable 'Guardian' response to Milkshake Wars:
"Either Chakrabortty is being highly disingenuous or he carries his own event horizon around with him. It is perfectly clear that Farage was engaging in rhetoric and metaphor. Being a journalist, I presume you have studied the English language and know what a metaphor is, you amoral piece of shit. It was not intended to be an actual call to violence and you would have to be unbelievably thick to think that it was. But never mind, this, apparently, has the same equivalence as attacking political candidates on the hustings and makes it okay. Moron. I also notice the poisoning the well fallacy being wheeled out. Why is it that modern journalists are incapable of presenting logically sound arguments? Why are they so utterly thick? I also notice that he is trying to claim that objection to violence is somehow being a member of the offenderati. Idiot. No, it isn’t. The offenderati, the professionally outraged, are those who complain about wrongthink or use unapproved words. Objecting to actual assault is not being professionally offended, it is the normal response of a moral person."

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