Tuesday, 21 May 2019

I'll Save You The Trouble - He Can't.

Ashley Sullivan, 25, of no fixed abode, has been given “one last chance” to prove he can function in society as his sentence for a burglary was deferred.
The prognosis isn't good...
The court heard that concerns have been raised he may fall in to a “cycle of going in and out of prison” if he faced a custodial sentence.
And I guess the geniuses in the criminal justice 'service' figure they can prevent that by him not actually going in!
Sullivan, who has a history of crime and mental health issues, was handed a two-year conditional discharge in August last year after sparking a supermarket evacuation and stand off with police.
He admitted criminal damage and threatening and abusive behaviour following the frenzy at Asda, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon.
But he was involved in a burglary at a home in Basildon just a month later on September 11.
Why not? He's been shown there are no consequences. And he's about to be shown that again.
Sullivan appeared at Basildon Crown Court yesterday for sentencing, although Judge Samantha Leigh (Ed: *groans*) deferred sentencing until September 27, but warned if any offences are committed he will be jailed.
Maybe. If she feels like it. She usually doesn't.
Sullivan has been held on remand, and the court heard that a doctor recommended against a prison sentence due to the “tough time” he had faced behind bars.
But a psychotherapist refused to see Sullivan and make a recommendation until he had proven he could “work with the community”.
At least someone in this sorry tale has realised the futility of continuing the charade...
John Caudle, defending, stated this was impossible while he was on remand, asking the judge to defer sentence leaving Sullivan “effectively at large”.
The court heard that Sullivan is committed to rehabilitation, and has highlighted a number of training courses and job opportunities to look into.
Not to actually do, you understand...
Mr Caudle added: “It will be a brave decision if your honour takes this course of action.
“But society will have benefited no end. It is a risk but he could be in a downward spiral.”
Society would 'benefit no end' if this utter waste of oxygen was taken round the back of the courtyard and a bullet put in its head.

And the same for Ashley.

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