Tuesday, 14 May 2019

We, The Public, Have Considered Your Proposal...

A public boycott of social media may be the only way to force companies to protect children from abuse, the country’s leading child protection police officer has said.
...and the answer is a hearty "Fuck off!"
Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on child protection, said tech companies had abdicated their duty to safeguard children and were only paying attention due to fear of reputational damage.
Just like the police when they finally get off their lazy backsides and do some real police work you mean?
“We have got to look at how we drive a conversation within our society that says ‘do you know what, we are not going to use that any more, that system or that brand or that site’ because of what they are permitting to be hosted or what they are allowing to take place.”
Bit dangerous, isn't it? We might start to get the idea that we could do the same to other organisations that are not living up to our expectations.

At least Facebook or Twitter don't have their greedy hands in my tax return. Can't really say the same for you.


Anonymous said...

Same old same old.
Recently, Facebook ran a series of adverts in which 'members of the public' asked "What is Facebook doing to protect me?" to which FB came out with a few answers.
My reaction was to ask "What are you doing to protect yourself?".
People need to start taking responsibility for what they do, instead of expecting everyone else to run around after them.

Anonymous said...

The final buttress in the construction of Germany's fascist state was in place as early as 1934, with unprecedented powers handed to the Schutzstaffel. Democracy in the UK is being assassinated in a similar fashion, JuliaM. Our own government has mirrored the fascist model by raising a paramilitary police by stealth. The latter no longer serve the public and are of no practical use to the man in the street. The recreation of honest government and honest policing will involve closing parliament and ousting these twin evils, simultaneously.

A nightmarish civil revolt by an unarmed public will be both an inevitable and a formidable task; spilling blood and lots of it. The police will subjugate any early signs of revolt with initial murders of known and suspected Establishment threats. This will be followed by indiscriminate 'crime prevention' liquidations. But it shouldn't surprise some citizens, that plans for UK versions of Kristallnacht, Lapanka round-ups and detention camps, have already been formulated.

As we see in the above and in so many contemporary press releases, police are now writing their own reviews, Teutonic style. The few civil voices that continue to warn of the real scenario, are vilified by plod and persecuted and/or assigned 'insane' labels. As I predicted a decade ago, simply wearing one of the most despised uniforms in European history, will identify these future targets.

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear....tinfoil urgently needed in the Huddersfield area

MTG said...

A solitary remark of limited wit deserves recognition for its persistence, WC Jaded.

I could never spend the whole day trundling down the hard shoulder in order to avoid tickets for thinking in the fast lane.

Anonymous said...

Working together....today's example of plod and an equally rotten Establishment:

'A policeman who let a dangerous 'ticking timebomb' dog off its lead before it attacked an innocent athlete will not be prosecuted.'

See DM for details, JuliaM.

JuliaM said...

"My reaction was to ask "What are you doing to protect yourself?"."

Spot on!

"Democracy in the UK is being assassinated in a similar fashion..."

Once I would have said that was alarmist talk. Not any more.

"Dear oh dear....tinfoil urgently needed in the Huddersfield area"

Really? Better order me some too. In fact, order a lorry load:


"See DM for details, JuliaM."

Oh, I already had that one queued up!