Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Why Invent New Excuses When The Old Ones Work So Well?

Sedat Menekse, 29, from Canvey, says he is worried sick trying to find out where his beloved pet is - and claims police have refused to tell him where his dog is being kept and what will happen to her.
Well, yes. Because it's not for them to decide, but for magistrates.

Pity they didn't just shoot the thing then and there.
He told the Echo: “Everyone that knows Ella knows what happened is totally out of character for her and it was all exaggerated as she is not dangerous.
Ella must have been provoked or got scared after she escaped as she would never do this.”
Sure, the lady's tiny dog threatened this hulking monster so much she mauled it half to death in 'self-defence'. Gosh. Never heard that one before.
“I have lived on this island five years and have never caused any problems - I thought I was part of this community.”
What's that got to do with it? Thinking of playing the RacismCard™, are we?
“I have spoken to the lady whose dog Ella bit and we hugged and I told her how sorry I am and even offered to pay the vet bill – she’s a lovely lady.”
You 'offered'..? So, you haven't actually done so?
“I can’t eat over this, it’s stressing me out so much - I’m not a bad guy that everyone is making me out to be.”
Ah, 'it's me mental elf, your worship'...
“I am not being told anything. I will make sure she never escapes again, I will get padlocks and cameras.”
If you need padlocks and cameras to keep a 'family pet', it's not really suitable to be one. Is it?

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