Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Taking The Credit...

RSPCA animal collection officer Joe White said: “These poor chinchillas are not in a good way, but thankfully it seems they were found just in time and are now getting the treatment they need.
"It’s terrible to think somebody deliberately dumped these 11 little animals, leaving them to fend for themselves. They were really lucky to be found.
"Anything could have happened to them, especially the babies, whoever dumped them was hardly giving them a chance. They were really lucky to be found and we’re so grateful to the people who kept them safe and called us for help."
Oh, hurrah for the RSPCA, who rushed to the scene and...

Hang on.
Karen rang the RSPCA who were unable to help immediately so she took them to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, in Orsett, for treatment.
She added: “They made sure they got health checks from the vets and then they will be putting them up for adoption to find them a new home.”
Hey, Joe White, I smell smoke. Have you checked your underwear?

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