Friday, 3 May 2019

The Only Surprise Is It Wasn't Judge Samantha Leigh...

...unless she's decided to transition, I suppose:
Judge John Lodge sentenced him to two years in prison but then suspended the sentence. Judge Lodge said: “You were in effect the delivery man. It’s often said so far as prison is concerned that there’s a tipping point.
“People go into prison, they operate in the system and then it becomes second nature and the punitive effect ceases to operate.
“It’s your good fortune that no one has given you bail in this case. You’ve learned that prison can do good and give young people opportunities.”
And what was their crime? A bit of petty shoplifting? Handling stolen goods?
Isfahan Khan, 23, of Aerofell Grove, Colchester, and Mohammed Islam, 18, of Folkestone Road, London, were spotted by Essex Police’s Op Raptor team in November. Khan’s grey BMW was pulled over in Long Riding.
The pair were caught with 45 wraps of cocaine and 28 wraps of heroin together with mobile phones linking them to drug deals.


Anonymous said...

As far as (people?) like this are concerned, I think that we should forget about their human rights and just give them the last rites.

JuliaM said...