Saturday, 18 May 2019

Useful Idiots Again...

Jacob Berkson from Brighton Migrant Solidarity, the protesters who clashed with police this afternoon, said: “The protest is about preventing immigration snatching people from our community and putting them indefinitely in detention.
“We are a peaceful resistance to a hostile environment.
“We’re here to support these people so [immigration officers] will think twice before coming back to our town.”
'Your' town? It seems you're determined to make it someone else's town....
The Home Office said the 17 men arrested for immigration offences presented themselves as Albanian, Indian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani.
In other words, no-one's quite sure what they really are. So, what about those swinging fines for companies employing illegals, then?
A spokeswoman for U&I said: "We are committed to ethical practice and our contracts with construction contractors require that they abide by employment and immigration law and that all site personnel are qualified to come on site.
"We are aware that Home Office officials have visited the site this morning, and we are unable to provide any further details until their investigation is complete.’’
By which time you're hoping it'll be quietly forgotten.

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