Wednesday, 15 May 2019

"Freeze! Social Media Squad!"

Gloucestershire police has announced they will start to tackle a 'small but vocal' number of people on social media who spout racist and xenophobic statements on their posts.
They have described noticing 'over the past year or so' a minority 'making assumptions' about people based on the colour of their skin or 'name that's not traditional.'
Since when were people unable to make assumptions? That's pretty much what Facebook's for, isn't it?

And 'they've noticed'..? I thought they had to have a complaint before they acted?

But no, this is all to do with their own social media.
The post on the constabulary's Facebook page notes that Gloucestershire police are often 'told to deport' offenders - despite commenters not knowing anything about their citizenship.
They added the team who manages the force's social media will start considering blocking regular commenters who post comments of this nature.
They have a team doing this. A whole team! Devoting taxpayer-paid time to blocking people on Facebook whose opinions they don't like!

Who joins the police to tap away at a keyboard, instead of nicking villains?

And when they've finished tidying up their Facebook page like a self-absorbed teenager, perhaps they'll spare some time to hunt down aggravated burglary suspects or sort out abandoned vehicles a bit quicker?


MTG said...

Online policing can be done from the comfort of air-conditioned offices; it's easier and certainly the safest option, JuliaM. Sharing office porn and frequent hot snacks, are far more preferable to traditional involvement in undefined risks which lurk outside cosy stations.

It may well be the view of police that this democracy is one where the public should be free to rob, burgle, stab and maim. Police pay, perks and windfalls should not be compromised with a degree of interference that courts unpopularity. On the other hand, the basic view of many taxpayers is one of efficient law enforcement with value for taxes.

Privatised police, anyone?

Anonymous said...

If Gloucestershire Police are anything like my force, the people trawling through social media are probably retired Police officers. This 'team' will be managed by a University entrant on a fast track scheme who can use this to show a competent quality of leadership and thereby enhance his climb up the promotion ladder. Assumptions are subjective and can be interpreted in several ways as long as the language or words used are not unlawful or threatening. Unfortunately, the current regime always seems to take the more extreme view.
Comments like, 'deport them' are probably based on the offenders either not being born in this country, but have gained British citizenship, or were born in this country and are following the examples set by their father, uncles, or grandfathers (it's always the males as women in many of these societies aren't allowed to have a voice). In such circumstances, the 'deport them' comments are understandable.
In the case of trolls, they do what they do because they want a reaction. This reaction is what is on their mind as they sit in their darkened room, masturbating furiously, getting their rocks off at the responses they got. "Don't feed the trolls" is the best way to deal with them. If they don't get a response, they have nothing to masturbate to and, hopefully, will become so depressed that they spend the rest of their miserable lives in darkened solitude.

James Higham said...

Gloucestershire Wastrel Team, checking for fish licences.

JuliaM said...

"Privatised police, anyone?"

Virgin Trains beat British Rail hands down. So why not? At least companies have an eye to how they are perceived by the public...

"...probably retired Police officers. This 'team' will be managed by a University entrant on a fast track scheme who can use this to show a competent quality of leadership and thereby enhance his climb up the promotion ladder."

I have no doubt. The rot has set in too deep now to ever be excised.

"Gloucestershire Wastrel Team, checking for fish licences."