Saturday 26 September 2020

Almost Beyond Belief...

The 23-year-old fired the gun with his hands still handcuffed behind his back hitting the veteran officer allegedly several times in the heart at point-blank range.

Who was this guy, Jason Bourne?! 

In the ensuing chaos the attacker's weapon went off again, wounding him in his neck, but he remains alive in a critical condition.

Interesting. Earlier reports were of him turning the gun on himself... 

Sources said the officers failed to find the small firearm as it had been well concealed and would have been recovered only with an intimate strip search and body cavity check.


The suspect is believed to be autistic and of Sri Lankan origin, according to The Times.

Also on the 'Prevent' programme. Isn't it time we let their countries of origin do the preventing? 

And it's a pity we can't deport this bitch somewhere: 

She deleted her account. She should be defrocked.


Anonymous said...

Well there we are then, the good reverend has pointed out that if we are murdered and presumably robbed or raped by an immigrant it's our own fault.

Anonymous said...

And we wonder why CofE churches are empty?

What fuckwits let bitches like this into the clergy?

Anonymous said...

Ah, guess what? Links to Right Wing AND Islamic terrorism. Really?

About time we had the death penalty back.

selsey.steve said...

Back to the original arrest.
The 'suspect' was stopped and searched after acting in a supposedly 'suspect' manner. OK, that's good grounds for a swift patting-down (I speak as a retired Police Officer). Once ammunition was found in the suspect's possession then every alarm bell should have been sounding. Ammunition means GUN, either with the suspect or not too far away, his home, perhaps.
Proper protocol would then have indicated that the suspect be cuffed and immediately thoroughly searched.
(Readers of a delicate nature should look away now.)
During the search the suspect's belt should have been undone, a hand then inserted under the trouser material and then a finger-tip search should have been made on the OUTSIDE of the suspect's underwear of the suspect's buttock crack, the search should be thorough enough to have contacted the anal sphincter through the underwear material.
Such a search can take place in a public place but secluded from casual gaze.
Once the pistol was discovered, as it would have been, lots of back-up should have been called immediately after the suspect had been brought to the floor, face down and a knee place firmly in the middle of his back. No attempts to remove the weapon should have been made and the suspect's cuffed hands should have been held half-way up his back, very, very firmly.
It seems that the Special and the Regular Constables were happy enough with their discovery of the ammo to have disregarded any further searching. They had their 'collar' and that was enough for them. Now they are both looking at something much, much more serious; Dereliction of Duty resulting in the death of a Police Officer.
That's worse than a straight-up murder charge.

MTG 1 said...

There's no denying the tensions in relation to plod, JuliaM. But someone should apologise for the manner in which many citizens are relating to this tragic buffoonery, dear. I mean, just saying nothing and sniggering at the back, appears to be their own best shot.

Anonymous said...

You're an absolute piece of scum Melvin. I knew this Sergeant-he was worth a million of you.I hope you die a long slow painful death all alone.

MTG 1 said...

@ WC Jaded.

For God's sake, control yourself! You act like that other hysterical policewoman, who was recently reported as crying hysterically in the the hope that her pantomime would sway the bench and an outcome.

Many of the comments which have appeared on social media about this shooting, are making farce and tragicomedy out of the mind-blowing incompetence of those concerned with the arrest. Do they not have a point?

Your modus operandi is to distort evidence or exaggerate wildly when it suits your purpose. You epitomise the dishonest witness who swears on oath that a motorist travelling at 31 mph was in fact speeding at 50 mph, to make your brownie points. You will turn on the waterworks whilst in the witness box, if you thought it would help.

"I hope you die a long slow painful death all alone." I am slightly amused and slightly disappointed by this puerility, Jaded. In addition to the punctuation, you forgot 'When you do I will be there to piss on your grave'.

JuliaM said...

"...the good reverend.."

Pretty sure that's an honorific she doesn't deserve!

"And we wonder why CofE churches are empty?"


"Links to Right Wing AND Islamic terrorism."

The trial's going to be interesting...

"Proper protocol would then have indicated that the suspect be cuffed and immediately thoroughly searched."

There's been a lot of discussion on this, most agree that the sort of search that would have found this is very unlikely to ever be done on the street. I wonder how much is down to desire to avoid complaints?

"I knew this Sergeant-he was worth a million of you."

He does seem to have been a real credit to the force, and a universally liked officer, sadly.

MTG 1 said...

That cowardly ref who climbed into the ring knowing he would be blind to low punches thrown by mob pugilists, was also known to the American mafia as 'Julia'.