Thursday 24 September 2020

Maybe You Shouldn't Act So Much Like One, Then?

When Cashley was brought in on a warrant two weeks later, a furious Judge Burgess told him: 'I am not some glorified social worker, I am a Crown Court judge. I am not here to be touchy feely forever and a day.
'You may think this is all stuff and nonsense from some windbag judge sitting here in a silly cloak, but it is not. Frankly, I think you have been taking the mick since I imposed this Order on you.'

Well, yes, he clearly was. did you deal with it? 

Giving Cashley a final chance, Judge Burgess spared him jail once again...


...but by January this year the teenager was back again, having shown shown 'flagrant disregard' for the youth order.
Calling the breaches 'concerning and upsetting', Judge Burgess detained Cashley in a young offender's institute for four months.

And did that teach him a valuable lesson? Reader, it did not. So, over to another judge who deal with him as he des...

Oh, FFS! 

Judge Norton, before sentencing the boy, pleaded with him to change his ways, saying: 'You are young and although from all that has been placed before me, you seem to want to go down the path of offending, there are still people out there who have faith in you and your ability to succeed in life. Take that support'.
Cashley, who had laughed and smirked while sitting at the video link booth in HMP Feltham, promised he would take the help on offer.

Yeah, I'm sure that'll happen. 


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Chromatistes said...

Space on Rockall for a second inhabitant? I think so.

Michael said...

But... But... But... Doesn't Everybody deserve a Sixtieth chance? Would be the Defence representatives cry?

okjoe58 said...

Contempt of court?

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that I am often contemptuous of courts and judges.

JuliaM said...

"Space on Rockall for a second inhabitant?"

Is Gruinard full already?

"But... But... But... Doesn't Everybody deserve a Sixtieth chance? "


"Contempt of court?"

Usually, judges are more aware of such things, and quick to act on them...