Monday 21 September 2020

Note They Are Never Called 'Fido' Or 'Rover'...

...although 'Teddy' is clearly the exception that proves the rule!
A six-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by the family's previously 'loveable' pet dog.
Camdon Bozell suffered life-changing injuries when he was mauled by pet dog, Chaos, while his mum Tristin Lent, 29, was at work.

Hmmm, is there a bit of a clue in the name as to what sort of 'pet' this really was?

Mum-of-two, Tristin, said: “When I got to the hospital, I feared the worst.
“They wouldn’t let me see Camdon at first and then a nurse came out and said ‘good news he’s breathing on his own’ and I freaked out – I thought why wouldn’t he be?
“If the dog had attacked him an inch or two below and got Camdon’s throat, my son would be dead.”

So, about the 'formerly loveable pooch' with the strange name? 

“He was called Chaos, but that name did not suit his temperament at all.”

Really? Wait, what sort of breed are we talking about here? 

The five year old pit bull was ordered to be put down by police...

Ah. Isn't it about time someone banned anyone with children from owning one of these things? 


Doonhamer said...

Gotta luv ra names.
Speshully Condom.
Wonder wot dads name is?

Anonymous said...

I think that his mother needs to be mutilated, too.

Just Trevor said...

Doonhammer, doubt the mother can remember the sperm donor's name, if she ever knew it. Bet it was a beauty, though.

MTG 1 said...

Many children were serially savaged by the police 'Fido', Lee Tatton. He deserves a mention here, JuliaM.

I never watch hypocrites pretending to serve the public on TV but Tatton was a rising star on the documentary, Cops UK. 'Serving' as a Hanley response plod, the Staffordshire paedophile recently pleaded guilty to multiple, serious child sex offences, at Birmingham Crown Court.

He should be incinerated...along with that semen-stained uniform...but will anyone bet against the usual outcome for plodscum? You know, jail avoidance and receipt of a cheque to match his enormous gut?

JuliaM said...

"Gotta luv ra names."

I was surprised to see they were white!

"Many children were serially savaged by the police 'Fido', Lee Tatton. He deserves a mention here, JuliaM."

Yes, I saw that in the week. Luckily for the Home Office, it's been somewhat overshadowed by events in Croydon...