Monday 28 September 2020

Wait, What..?


*blinks* Seriously? 

Apparently so...

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS) has created the 'Hazard House' to help educate children and families about the importance of fire prevention.
A number of fire and additional hazards have been placed around the virtual Hazard House which have been labelled with information highlighting the risk of household items, such as overloaded plug sockets, overheated laptops and candles left unattended.
It also includes real life stories from people who have experienced house fires as well as links to further resources.

What a world we now live in, eh? 


Anonymous said...


You are completely wrong to criticise this, I'm afraid. The business of the police is to prevent crime, and only to catch perpetrators when, inevitably, the first attempt fails.

In that case, the business of the fire and rescue service is to prevent fires and the need for rescue, and then to put out fires and rescue people when the prevention fails.

As in the case of crime, prevention doesn't always work.

But, just to consider the case of electrical appliance fires, a bit of education can prevent many of them.

Now, you might argue that it is the business of some other organisation, and perhaps, at the risk of proliferating quangoes, it might be. But we'd surely be better off as a society if there were fewer avoidable fires, and fewer needs for rescue. You could argue that this isn't the way to achieve the desired result, but in that case you need to propose something better.

In any cas

Ted Treen said...

It's just another step in the infantising of the general population.

Don't take any responsibility for your own life.

Talk to Big Brother for everything.

Your friendly, cuddly state will look after you.

Don't bother thinking - we'll do it for you.

Just love us and do as you're told.

Stonyground said...

Seems pretty reasonable to me. Stopping idiots from setting fire to their houses is likely to be cheaper than putting the fire out afterwards.

asiaseen said...

Well, stupidity does abound

Stonyground said...

The problem being that, whatever the various authorities do, a significant proportion of the population will always have the mental development of infants. You keep your young children away from the medicine cupboard and the fireplace, this is the same thing.

MTG said...

This good use of taxes is not a new idea. Fire services in the North have long been prophylactic, encouraging home owners to fit smoke detectors/alarms since the latter were first available.

Anonymous said...

However, in order to maintain an adequate flow of candidates for the Darwin Awards, it would be preferable if those amoeba-like life-forms, which we subsidise every single day of their futile lives, could be allowed to fulfil their destiny without undue interference from those who should know better.

JuliaM said...

"You are completely wrong to criticise this, I'm afraid."

Well, I disagree. We are infantilising adults, as Ted points out. Adults who should know better without needing a government service to hold their hands.

"Stopping idiots from setting fire to their houses is likely to be cheaper than putting the fire out afterwards."

If it works, maybe. Will anyone do a cost/benefit analysis?