Tuesday 1 September 2020

Political Lessons...

Object lesson 1: 

Object lesson 2:

Goodness me! It's almost as if sticking to your principles and not flip-flopping around reacting to - and surrendering to - every crazy woke movement around actually resonates better with your base! 



Fahrenheit211 said...

A lot of people, myself included, voted Tory back in December primarily because of Brexit, but also because we trusted Boris Johnson to be on the side of such things as freedom of speech and assembly, to secure Britain's borders, to end the destructive 'woken SS' culture, to implement policies that would make the BBC honest, to curb the green knobwittery in government and to force the police to police equitably and without fear or favour. Sadly since December, apart from Brexit, none of this has been achieved.

Even worse Boris the Bullshitter has failed to protect or enhance freedoms that were hard won by our ancestors, has opened up our already porous borders further, has vacillated in the face of woke bullying and has been an even bigger enthusiast of green knobwittery than Labour. We are still policed inequitably with officers from West Mercia Police being photographed pandering to an Islamic wedding party in contravention of the ludicrous Covid restrictions and shows no sign of tackling the problems surrounding the BBC.

Tell me, why did I bother voting Tory when I could have brought about the same level of cultural and economic destruction by voting Lib Dem?

Anonymous said...

Fahrenheit, Don't despair of Boris just yet. He has had the virus situation to cope with which rightly has been given priority. Then he was ill himself and spent ages in intensive care which must have been very difficult for him. Boris is far from perfect by who isn't, there is still 4 years to go before an election, don't you think it's a little early and maybe a bit unfair to make sweeping judgement just at this stage? After all the PM like the rest of us is only human.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Anon. Granted that 'events' have been thrust on Boris unforeseen, his government does not seem to have made a very good job of managing them. The lockdown stuff and the caution was understandable when little was known about Covid but now we know more and we can see that it's not as lethal as first assumed and there is a dire necessity to return to some form of normality, if only to protect the economy. Culturally Boris Johnson's government has been very weak and did not stand up early enough or strongly enough against the BLM / Marxists. The PM had to be dragged out, after weeks of disruption by BLM / Marxists to defend British culture and the symbols of it and even then he was not as forthright or as strong as he could have been.

I will agree that turning around the ship of a dysfunctional Whitehall machine takes time and I will cut him some slack on that. I do worry and wonder however whether his reforms and those from Dominic Cummnings will make things worse and not better. I don't like these rumours about Britons being given 'digital ID's' which some say is what Cummings wants. There are already ways to ensure voter integrity for example without an intrusive national ID register.

I was once a fervent admirer of Boris Johnson and voted for him for Mayor of London. He was a little 'woke' whilst in that office, such as with his suggestion that there should be an illegal migrant amnesty, but was not oppressively so in my opinion and dropped the bad idea of an amnesty. As a PM however he has not done as much good as I wanted him to do apart from Brexit. He has not shown enough evidence that he is any friend of liberty or freedom of speech that he is quite willing to be authoritarian if reasons are given to him to be so.

He has caved into the Green lobby with alarming regularity when, if he was truly a fan of freedom, such lobbyists should have been told to go do one. One of his government's first acts was to ban the sale of bitumous coal even though this is burned primarily by those in rural areas where unlike in towns particulate pollution is not a major problem.

Whilst I concur that there are four years to go before the election and if a week is a long time in politics four years is even more so, which means there is more time to get the measure of the man, so far I have been distinctly underwhelmed by his government's performance.

I really wanted Boris Johnson and his government to do good, to stand by and protect the British people and culture and to enhance freedoms. He's done none of that so far and I cannot see any evidence that he intends to do so in the future. Of course he's not perfect, his own personal life shows that and like him I also am imperfect, but I truly expected better of him than what we've got.

JuliaM said...

"...primarily because of Brexit..."

I think if he screws that up as well, we'll never recover. The damage will be too great.

"Boris is far from perfect by who isn't, there is still 4 years to go before an election..."

I think assuming that he'll improve in those four years is a gamble I don't wish to take. He talks a good game, but what he does (usually much later when the headlines are forgotten) is often the opposite.

That's when he does anything at all.

"...and there is a dire necessity to return to some form of normality, if only to protect the economy."

Is there, though? I'm not convinced. I think this lockdown has shown just how unworkable some of that 'normality' really is.

His stance against homeworking is making me wonder.