Monday 28 September 2020

The Justice System Is More Like 'Jackanory' These Days...

Sean Sullivan, defending, suggested there had been “tension” between groups of women earlier in the night.
He said: “She does not seek to excuse her behaviour. Whatever the individual cause, she failed to deal with it properly.
Well, that's one way of putting it, I suppose...
The court was told the attack was “out of character” as Marshall has no previous conditions. She has been dealing with mental health issues caused by a “traumatic” incident in her life.

Wait, isn't that 'seeking to excuse her behaviour', Sean? Gosh, it's like words have no real meaning for you, isn't it? 

Mr Sullivan added: “She regrets her behaviour, which is highly unlikely to occur again in future.”

Until she gets drunk and decides her Mental Health Exemption Card hasn't expired, I guess... 

The judge imposed a suspended sentence and ordered Marshall to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and ten rehabilitation sessions. Marshall was also banned from going to Anjelique Bar for two years.

Plenty of other bars she's able to go to, I suppose? 

The judge said: “Two young women were assaulted in this bar, one with her eyebrow gashed.
“They will be wondering why on earth you are not going to prison. Most people in their shoes would think the same.”

Most of the public are thinking that too! 

“This was a nasty and unpleasant attack which will leave one victim scarred for life.
“Your mental health had deteriorated because of an abusive relationship and an intensely traumatic incident when you were younger.
“That incident in your past will be worth discussing in order to address why you committed these offences.”



Anonymous said...

And a banana gets you £600. Feck me, we've gone to the dogs.

JuliaM said...

We have indeed. And the hits just keep on comin'!