Tuesday 29 September 2020

I Guess There's Some Donkeys Even A Red Rose Won't Make Palatable...

...even to your own local party!
A spokesperson for Leicester East Labour party criticised Webbe for failing to inform the CLP about the charges in advance.
“We are shocked at these developments. Since her election Claudia Webbe has chosen not to have had any dealings with the CLP. Against our express wishes she has remained an Islington councillor.
We will support any action taken by the national party and the chief whip. The officers of the party will convene an emergency meeting to discuss these matters,” the spokesperson said.

Well, you could ask the Peterborough branch for advice, I suppose... 

The Labour MP Claudia Webbe has been suspended from the Labour party after being charged with harassment of a woman over a period of nearly two years.
The MP for Leicester East insisted she was innocent after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said she was accused of carrying out the offence between September 2018 and April 26 this year.

Better get ready! 



Anonymous said...

I've no inside knowledge of this case but here's my best guess. The woman she's harassed is the new girlfriend (much younger and prettier) of her ex-boyfriend. She will be found guilty but claim racism and become the victim like that dreadful speeding liar Labour ex-MP. She will get a column in the Guardian.
The Labour party can certainly pick them.

JuliaM said...

You could be right! Let's see...