Saturday, 23 January 2021

Sentences That Chill The Blood...

He will continue to be treated at Ashworth high security hospital in Merseyside until a specialist mental health tribunal decides it is safe to discharge him.

Because they have such a great record on public safety with releasing dangerous nutters? 

Ashley Rowen, 32, was twice previously sectioned under the Mental Health Act before he launched a fatal attack on Ryan Lowry, 36, in Trafford, Greater Manchester, on February 27.
In 2014, Rowen was detained with a delusional disorder having threatened suicide, and again in March 2019 after he seriously assaulted his grandfather who sustained a bleed on the brain.
Sentencing at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court, Judge Maurice Greene said Mr Lowry in effect then became Rowen's carer after he was 'somewhat surprisingly' discharged within two weeks of being detained at a hospital unit.

Only one of the cosseted, out of touch judiciary could possibly be surprised at this, 

Dr John Crosby, based at Ashworth, told the court he did not think there was 'very rigorous monitoring' of Rowen by his community mental team before the killing.

You don't say, doc? 

Following sentence, Mr Lowry's family said: 'We all still struggle to understand why Ryan, who was such a beautiful and caring man, lost his life so unnecessarily and in the way he did.
'We have seen a report from the mental health trust that highlights many problems in the previous care and treatment of Ashley Rowen – including managing the known risks he posed to others.
'It seems that only now – after this horrific murder – will he be getting the effective care essential to ensure he will not commit serious harm to anyone again.'

Yeah, well, I wouldn't start celebrating just yet, if I were you. 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should bring back the noose.

JuliaM said...

They wouldn't qualify under any ciurrent law - they lack mebs rea and without that...