Tuesday 16 August 2022

What's To Honour..?

...a number of his friends have left public messages in honour of the young man’s life. Laura Gosman Hair took to Facebook to write: “Can't quite believe it. Rip Taylor.” Luke Calder added: “Rest in Piece TP. Taken far too young.” Sophie Cooper wrote: “Love you loads Taylor Perkins always in my heart forever”. Another went on to say: “So sorry for his family who lost him far too young x.”

Oh, how sad, another young life lost to covid, or the vaccine for covid, or...


Kent Police said a dark-coloured Audi TT car was reported to have failed to stop when requested to do so by police at around 11.25am.
Following a "short pursuit", the vehicle was then reported to have crashed into the bus in Spitfire Way five minutes later. The driver suffered fatal injuries and was confirmed dead at the scene.

Darwin claims another! 

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