Wednesday 10 August 2022

Might As Well Fit Revolving Doors...

The wife of a man beaten so badly he was left brain damaged says she is a 'wreck' after it emerged one of his killers (sic) will walk free in weeks.
Wait, surely not this case..? Well, Reader, yes. Of course. 

Not the two main perpetrators, though who'd be surprised at that these days? Their fellow thug, who received a lesser sentence:
...Furlong only received 20 months. Due to time already spent on remand, he is now set to be released within the next four weeks, despite only being sentenced in June.

It's a farce.  

Mr Willson's wife Annie told ITV: 'Emotionally I am a wreck. I can't allow my feelings to be shown because I have children.
'Our whole life has been turned upside down. Everyone thinks justice has been done. But really coming out after two months, that's not justice.'

Everybody doesn't think justice has been done, Annie. Far from it. 

And not just with the wretched excuse for a justice system we have in this country, either: 

Alan now has hearing problems, dental problems, cannot go to the toilet by himself or take care of his personal hygiene.
The couple are struggling to get benefits or any compensation because Alan cannot even sign his own name.

Compare and contrast that with the resources of the state that will be offering help and assistance to this piece of excrement when he skips out of the prison doors, and you begin to wonder how a country can function like this for much longer... 


Andy said...

Does this country really still function? We need pitchforks, burning torches and lots of rope.

JuliaM said...

No, I don't think it does. And I fear there's worse to come...