Saturday 13 August 2022

What's So Hard To Understand?

Ian 'Wiggy' Symes, 34, was walking a customer’s dog at a recreation ground in Fareham, Hampshire, when he was attacked on Hilson Drive this Wednesday. Locals claimed that Mr Symes may have collapsed and had a seizure before the dog he was with ‘ate’ part of his face.

So, not a Labrador or a chihuahua, then? No, of course not.... 

Although paramedics rushed to the scene in Fareham, Hampshire, Mr Symes was pronounced dead not long after.
Ian's brother Martin Symes, a father-of-two, has since visited the park where flowers and messages were laid, and in a touching tribute, he said: 'The past 30 hours have been pretty shocking and very hard to really understand what happened and why.
'The facts are he was out walking a dog something he loved to do and as sad as it is least he passed away doing something he loved.'
I'm not sure that's much of a comfort, really, is it?
Julie, who works as a carer at a home in the area, said there were plenty of large 'fighting dogs' in the area.
'There are a lot of people who keep big dogs around here, generally what I'd call fighting-type dogs,' she said. 'We see them parading down the shops in Highlands Road, nearby.'
Clearly a place to avoid.

H/T: Ian J via email


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Had a cheek parading a large, fighting-type dog, 'darn' the shops...or maybe not.

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