Tuesday 23 August 2022

Says It All, Doesn't It..?

A foreign criminal ranked as one of Britain's 'most-wanted' offenders was finally caught after an international manhunt lasting more than a decade – but was then inexplicably set free.
In a case that highlights the failure of the justice system to protect the public, Romanian knife thug Adrian Vasilescu is now back on the run.
It's not at all 'inexplicable', though.
In 2011, the 42-year-old – who was wanted in his homeland for slashing a woman's throat with a broken bottle – featured in a Crimestoppers list of dangerous foreign criminals in Britain.
He was traced to the Manor Park area of London and appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court for extradition. But, freed on bail, he failed to comply with an order to check in with police and subsequently disappeared – for almost a decade.

What's that old saying, 'Fool me once..'? 

Then, in 2020, Vasilescu was arrested by police investigating the attempted murder of a woman in Paisley, near Glasgow, who had been repeatedly stabbed. But he was let go from custody again and, when the case came to trial earlier this year, he failed to turn up.In a decision rounded on by critics, Vasilescu had, astonishingly, been granted bail – even though he was a known flight risk.

Who is really astonished by this? It's what we've come to expect.  

Last week he was due to be sentenced for the 2020 attempted murder. But the sentencing could not go ahead – as court officials admitted they had no idea where he was.

Here's a thought - let the idiots who granted him bail serve his sentence until he's caught. 

A spokesman for the Scottish judicial system said decisions about granting bail 'must consider the unique facts and circumstances of the case and of the accused'.

Wouldn't that concentrate minds, eh? 


Anonymous said...

The next time he commits a serious crime-which he will- I'd like the victim to sue the court that released him. That will make them tighten the bail act.
For example, the vermin that killed the Irish busker last week had been released early from a 12 year sentence for armed robbery. Anyone think he was rehabilitated or deserving of such generous treatment?

Anonymous said...

You surly don't expect the justice system and our snowflake police to put themselves out to protect the public do you? The public are just a heap of plebs put on earth to finance the ruling classes and there minions for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...


I'd like it to be unnecessary to sue the court, but victim of a released criminal to have an automatic right to compensation from anyone in any way connected with the release of the criminal.

Sgt Albert Hall said...

Justice has been kidnapped and is being held by the courts but with no chance of release.