Monday 22 August 2022

"Oh, I Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside..."

Oh, wait. Maybe not:
Pollution warnings are in place for dozens of beaches in England and Wales after untreated sewage was discharged into the sea around the coast.
Official data shows there have been a number of discharges since Monday, which Southern Water says are to protect homes and businesses.

By poisoning the oceans and anyone holidaying in this country? 

Near Bath is a popular swimming spot along the River Avon called Warleigh Weir which runs through an area belonging to landowner Johnny Palmer.
Untreated sewage has been released just upstream. Mr Palmer has been working for years to make the water clean enough to gain bathing water status.
"I think it's a disgrace. You've got children swimming. And you know, you can't tell your kids to not drink the water. So you've literally got children drinking sewage, which is the kind of thing you might expect in parts of Africa or India, but, you know, Western Europe," he said.

Well, the government is doing its best to replace the population of Western Europe with that of Africa and India, so... 

H/T: Ian J via email


Anonymous said...

Having visited our town centre yesterday which has a hotel dedicated to housing the young men swarming into UK seeking benefits and free hotel accommodation I can only agree with you. The contrast between the entitled benefits seekers and our indigenous pensioners who paid tax all their lives is shocking. The benefit seekers are doing great thanks but some of the pensioners will be lucky to survive the winter. The Brits are rapidly being replaced as a race in their own country.

Stonyground said...

I'm old enough to remember when this was normal. I can remember the rising tide washing turds and bog paper onto the beach at Filey when I was a kid. Oddly I thought that nowadays the problem arose when it rained a lot and the water treatment plants became overwhelmed. Do we get a problem when it doesn't rain enough as well?

Fahrenheit211 said...

This reminds me of an old joke about Southend before the water got cleaner than it used to be. 'Southend. Where you can plop yourself down on a towel and towel yourself down with a plop'

Andrew Carey said...

"to make the water clean enough to gain bathing water status."
Erm, ok, so it would be really nice if this stretch of water had bathing water status but at the moment it doesn't have that. But. .
"You've got children swimming"
Wtf are you doing Mr Palm Oil , you have just admitted even before the issues of this month that you don't have that status as a nice bathing place and you are letting children swim in it.
You know what - you should lose your cheap red diesel and your IHT exemption and your VED exemptions for your vehicles and also take some responsibility for the patch of water you own and stop people swimming in it when by your own admission it doesn't have that status as a nice place to swim. Even before the issues of this month with power failures at treatment works. What am I missing in thinking this guy is oily shitty rag.

selsey.steve said...

I live in Selsey, West Sussex not too far from the Life-Boat Station. I can smell the shit from here. It's foul and there's no escape.

Just Trevor said...

Purely anecdotal and unscientific, but about twenty years ago in Birmingham I noticed a distinct increase in the odours emanating from the drains in my area. I put it down to the very obvious increase in the population (thanks, Blair). Now I'm in Essex and my nose and eyes began to detect a similar pattern a few years ago. I wonder whether the sewage treatment bods (and the supermarkets) have ever been asked to estimate the actual population?

Anonymous said...

Hello Just Trevor, I recently read an article that said the supermarkets had done an estimate of actual population in UK and they said it was about 10,000,000 above the government figure. Sorry I can't remember where it was so can't offer a link to it.

Anonymous said...

I we don't pour shit into the sea, what will the fish eat? And then what will the Frogs and Dagos do because their catch in British waters doesn't have the flavour they are used to?

Anonymous said...

Growing up in the North East, I was told that the exit pipe of the overflow was where you could catch loads and loads of crabs and shellfish. Haven't eaten any since.