Wednesday, 3 August 2022

How Can You Be Asked To Co-operate With Child Abuse?

A new guideline from the Royal College of Obestricians and Gynaecologists proposes overhauls of cancer screening, childbirth, and fertility treatments to make them more inclusive for transgender and non-binary patients.
It says that trans men should be asked about their preferred manner of feeding before their baby is born and those who chose to chest feed should be offered 'chest-feeding support in the same manner as for cis-women'.

Any 'trans man' - and if it can give birth, it's a woman and always will be - that treats a new-norn child like this is, in my eyes, guilty of child abuse for their own sick desire. 

And any gynaecologist abetting it should be considered the same way.   

It also says trans women should be put on female wards - even if they retain their male sex organs, and warns that misgendering ‘may cause profound offence.’

We already know, of course, what this policy may cause! Perhaps those who permit it should join the sire in stumping up child support for the result?

RCOG president Dr Edward Morris said: 'This is an important guideline which aims to improve the care and experiences of transgender and gender diverse individuals accessing obstetric and gynaecological services.
‘Sadly, trans and gender diverse individuals say they often feel judged and misunderstood by the health service.'

Judging and misunderstanding is what the health 'service' does best, after all. Why should this tiny fraction of the population miss out on the fun?

‘We welcome feedback on this draft to ensure the guideline is the best as it can be for clinicians and the trans and gender diverse individuals who use our services.'

Do you? Or will you simply ignore anyone attempting to correct the flaws in your thinking, like you always do? 


microdave said...

It appears that children have been reduced to the role of "Pet", yet if you were to treat a dog like this the RSPCA would be round like a shot...

Stonyground said...

Freddie said that there was no escape from reality. Reality doesn't seem to be an issue to these people at all. Absolutely batshit crazy doesn't even start to cover this.

JuliaM said...

"...yet if you were to treat a dog like this the RSPCA would be round like a shot..."

Maybe, if there was a camera crew on hand...

"Freddie said that there was no escape from reality."

He was quite the prophet, wasn't he?