Saturday, 20 August 2022

Hey, Dina, You Better Run Faster, Girl..!

“It was just ‘girl stuff’,” she replied. “It’s just frustrating. It’s one of those things. It’s a shame because I’m in really good shape and I was really looking to come and run fast.”
The 26-year-old urged sporting bodies to provide far more funding and research. “More people need to research it from a sports science perspective, because it’s huge,” said Asher-Smith. “People don’t always talk about it either.
“Sometimes you see girls that have been so consistent and there’s a random dip and behind the scenes they’ve been really struggling. Everybody else will go ‘What’s that? That’s random.’
“So we could just do with more funding. I feel if it was a men’s issue there would be a million different ways to combat things.”
Because when the trans activists read this, you'll be running for more than just gold medals! 

Don't you know it is a man's issue these days?


Mudplugger said...

The technology has existed for quite some time and smart lady-athletes all use it. If you want to win and earn the big-bucks from winning, that's what you do.

But if you're at the fag-end of your career and want to create a follow-on revenue channel . . . . all it needs is 'funding' apparently, like everything else, just another way to waste more of my tax-money.

Anonymous said...

"if it was a men’s issue ..."

You mean like the >87% of primary care time/money spent on women (>80% of all health care provision too).

Or like the fact the advertising budget for the overwhelmingly woman's cancer (breast) is bigger than the combined research/development/treatment/support and advertising for 'all' the men's cancers (prostate, testicular and penile).

Sometimes I think that if women paid for even a fraction of what they receive they'd 'maybe' stop all the whining ... and then I wake up.

The collapse of the current system can't happen soon enough for me, and yes, women 'will' be hardest hit by what comes next. And never did a group deserve it more.