Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Dogs Now Benefit From Identity Politics..?

A woman attacked by a vicious dog who chewed her "like a piece of meat" was left with skin grafts, stitches and needing intense rehab to enable her to walk again.
The woman, who does not want to be identified, was attacked by a Bully Kutta, while walking her two small dogs in January.

A what..? 

The attack has left the women "scarred" and it took her several months to build up the courage to walk her dogs.
She is now campaigning for the law to be changed, as she has not heard from the police since the initial attack regarding whether a prosecution is being brought against the owner.
She said: “Why are the police not doing more? Why are people still allowed to own dogs like this?

Perhaps because another name for the Bully Kutta is 'Pakistani Mastiff'... 

The dog was seized by authorities three days later and is believed to still be in police kennels.

Not before it had attacked another dog, because incompetent police didn't seize it immediately after the first attack... 

But the woman has queried why it hasn’t been destroyed and why, as a taxpayer, she is paying for the police to keep looking after an animal which has caused her such horrific pain.

We'd all like to know that...

According to Lancashire police, the incident remains under investigation and the dog is still in police kennels. It is not known if the RSPCA has been involved, nor is there any suggestion that the animal is going to be destroyed.

It should have been disposed of by an armed officer, not collected in a police van... 


Andy said...

I looked on the internet for images of that breed. They're enormous and nasty looking beasts! If there is a list of proscribed dangerous breeds this one must surely be on it.

Stonyground said...

Whether it is a proscribed breed or not it should be destroyed as a matter of course after such an attack as this one. What exactly is there to make any decisions about? The dog is obviously an extreme danger to people.

Nemisis said...

This happened back in January - WTAF are Lancashire plod doing taking so long in enforcing the Dangerous Dogs Act??
Thinking about it, they took a long time to realise that Thwaites Brewery (on their patch) had been invaded and they ought to do something about it.

Anonymous said...


+100. But please can the same rules be applied to people who are an extreme danger to other people.

James Higham said...

"Perhaps because another name for the Bully Kutta is 'Pakistani Mastiff'... "

All becomes clear.

Ted Treen said...


"The dogs are known for their strong guarding instinct with protective and aggressive character.

They are harmful to both the outsiders and the owners due to their size and dominant behavior.

They are not suitable for apartment living as they require colossal space like a courtyard."