Monday, 15 August 2022

Once Upon A Time, You Couldn't Leave Russia... it's actually being suggested as a forward step:
“I believe if you leave Russia you have to be actively against the war,” said Ira Lobanovskaya, who started a Relocation Guide from the Russian Federation chat on Telegram to advise people on leaving the country. “You can’t be outside of politics any more: that is barbaric in the current climate.”
Do you want to rebuild that wall, Ira?
Ilya Ponomarev, a former Duma deputy who has lived in exile in Ukraine since 2016, is in favour of a ban. “You cannot abstain from this war,” he said in an interview in Ukraine. “If you want to abstain, don’t complain that you are being kicked out of Europe.” He said he believed 98% of people leaving the country were not in danger but left “just because it’s uncomfortable for them [in Russia]”.

I can see why they think that.... 


Frank said...

I've got about 50 old second class stamps. I used some of them today to pay for a special delivery I was sending and I asked the teller if he knew how and when I could exchange the old stamps for new ones. He told me Royal Mail hadn't issued instructions yet. He also told me the old stamps would be valid until January next year.
"Beginning of January or the end? I asled
"The beginning."

I've just checked
"Your non-barcoded stamps can be exchanged for the new barcoded version through the Stamp Swap Out scheme. The Scheme opened on 31 March 2022. To swap out your stamps, simply complete one of our Stamp Swap Out forms and send it back to us along with your non-barcoded stamps. The step by step process for doing this is explained below..."

Seems quite straightforward although it would be easier if you could swap them at a Post Office. I wonder why you can't.

Moral of my story: Don't believe everything you hear.

JuliaM said...

Wrong post...? 😉