Friday 7 October 2022

How Many More Failures Of The Mental Health System Can We Stand?

A man has been jailed for life after carrying out a machete attack on a random commuter on a tube train in London.

No, not an incident of gang violence this time. The 'random commuter' tells us what we're dealing with here...

Morgan denied attempted murder on grounds of insanity but was found guilty by a jury at the Old Bailey in May.

It's now September. I guess the usual 'reports' had to be provided... 

Despite attending the trial, Porritt said he still had unanswered questions and was left feeling unsafe. As a result of his injuries, he can no longer sign his own name or do sports he used to enjoy.
This is not fair; I do not deserve this,” he said. “This should not have happened to me.

No, it shouldn't. But when someone snaps suddenly and without any warn... 

The court heard that Morgan had a history of low-level violence dating back to the age of 13.


How 'low-level' are we talking about here...? 

He had 26 previous convictions for 58 offences, including discharging a sawn-off shotgun into a private house.


Well, at least the defence can't make him out to be the victim here for o...

In mitigation, Warwick Aleeson acknowledged Porritt’s “deeply moving” statement and said the offences were likely to have come about as a result of Morgan’s “profound and serious undiagnosed schizophrenia”.
On Morgan’s willingness to seek treatment, the barrister said: “Ricky Morgan does not wish to be the terrified, deluded creature living in a room he had barricaded from the outside world, believing attackers were going to kill him.”

*throws hands in the air* 


The Jannie said...

Cur in the Community again . . .

Anonymous said...

I ruddy well give up (would have put something more profane):am sick of these tossers.

JuliaM said...

"Cur in the Community again . . ."


"I ruddy well give up...."

I know that feeling!