Friday 14 October 2022

I Know We Have To Avoid Disability Discrimination In The Workplace...

...but surely we aren't hiring blind Border Force staff?

A migrant who came to the UK by boat....

Whoa, let me stop you there! 

'Migrants who arrive by boat' do so with passports and visas in hand, via Stena Lines or P&O. They don't come ashore in Kent via dinghy, having conveniently lost all their documentation. Start calling these what they are - illegal immigrants. 

....and claimed to be a child so he could stay is actually in his mid-20s, and even joined an over-30s dating group, before he was caught out by his grey hairs and stubble.

There is no way in hell anyone could claim to have thought this man was 16 years old. No way.  

Aria Ibrahimi, who is now believed to be 25, posed as a 16-year-old and got taken into care by Kent County Council as a minor before social workers' suspicions began to grow.



James Higham said...

There it is. It’s serious and I see two standing on the footpath the other side of my road right now, gesticulating towards the house. Not well pleased.

JuliaM said...