Saturday 22 October 2022

"You just stand there looking cute, and when something moves, you shoot!"

A British woman has died after being fatally shot by her companion during a wild boar hunt in north-western France.

Was she excessively hairy? Very short and with a wicked temper?

Citing the release, Le Télégramme newspaper says the hunting party were crossing a cornfield when the woman was shot by her companion. The release added that a 69-year-old man, in "circumstances yet to be determined", fired his rifle "with the barrel pointing towards the back".


It's not exactly the first time, either, so perhaps Tom Lehrer was being a little unkind towards his countrymen there... 


Chromatistes said...

A deep knowledge of the canon of Lehrer, plus that of Flanders & Swann, is the minimum requirement for civilised discourse.

JuliaM said...