Saturday 1 October 2022

Clown World...

Indeed, while the court heard Dixon started to transition 18 years ago (and one source told me they believed might have undergone surgery), those living near him still assumed their neighbour be a man.

He is a man. He'll always be a man. He can get all the surgery he wants, paper his cell with worthless pieces of paper declaring him a legal woman. But it won't change one iota of what he is. 

So why is the 'Daily Mail' being so cagey? 

‘There was nothing to make us think he [as she referred to him] had become a woman,’ said Angela Spencer, 55, who lived two doors away from Dixon in Havant, Hampshire, where she moved into a council semi six years ago.
‘He never wore a dress, he always wore joggers or jeans, and he never carried a handbag or anything like that. Yes, he had his hair in a ponytail, but lots of men do that, don’t they? And he spoke in a man’s deep voice.’

Isn't it about time the media spoke in a truthful voice, instead of carrying on referring to Dixon as 'she' even in an article castigating the police for doing so...? 

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Longrider said...

Yup. Born a man and will die a man. This referring to men a 'she' needs to stop. He will always be a man.