Friday 14 October 2022

Oh, Spare Us The Bullshit!

The dogs who mauled a five-month-old boy and a two-year-old girl to death and gravely injured their mother had never shown aggression before, according to the victim's best friend.

Oh, sure, it's an oft repeated refrain in these cases. 

It is unknown why the pets suddenly became aggressive.

Is it? Is it really? What were they, anyway? 

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office confirmed to on Thursday that the pit bulls are currently in possession of animal control.


It is unclear if any criminal charges will follow.

What would be the point? You can't educate the people that idolise these things.  


Anonymous said...

Update on the police shooting in Derby. All you self-proclaimed policing experts condemned my colleagues for taking six shots to kill a man. Well it turns they only fired one bullet and the other bangs where their efforts to subdue him with stun grenades and baton rounds.
I'm sure you experts will be queueing up to apologise very soon.
The bravest thing most of you critics ever do is change the ink in your photo copiers.

MTG1 said...

You are far better suited to moonlighting, WC Jaded.

As part-time window dummy, 'their' are no demands for thought or 'inglish' scribble.

Matt said...

@ Anon

No one gives a fuck because everyone is the opinion that ACAB.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in your world Matt perhaps,but not in the real world.

Andy said...

@Jaded. I apologise, jumped too quickly onto the bandwagon.

JuliaM said...

"Update on the police shooting in Derby. "

You forgot about the live cat he is now said to have had in the bag. Which is, franly, the thing whose welfare concerns me most...

"Everyone in your world Matt perhaps,but not in the real world."

The fact the number is growing, and from people you can't afford not to have on your side, should concern you.