Friday 21 October 2022

Now, That's A Community!

Omar Awada, 47, said: “He tried to run away but the local guys managed to catch him and they beat him until the police came.
“It was like Tom And Jerry, they were on him right and left, the guys”, Mr Awada said.

A shoplifter? A phone thief? 

One man, said to have knocked the alleged attacker down with a bicycle, was described as a “hero” by a witness. The witness, who did not want to be identified, said: “We heard screaming, we came out, the guy had a knife, he was stabbing the woman repeatedly, maybe five or six times.
“They used anything in their hands to stop him.
“When people chased him he tried to escape and scare people with the knife, but we had one hero who put him down on the ground. He hit him with his bike.”

Good going! Finally, people are realising that 'leave it to the police' isn't a viable strategy anymore. 


Anonymous said...

Sadly the hero will likely be prosecuted

Fahrenheit211 said...

Good to see that the community managed to take down a stabber. More efficient than the police sometimes is the community.

In other vigilante news a transgender paedophile was chased out of their housing project by local people angry that such a beast was being housed around so many children. The troon nonce had to be rescued by police with the police being criticised as being 'beast protectors'.

See Reduxx story for more details

Gildas said...

We now live in the Third World, or at least Londoners and many others in the cities do, and it is by design

MTG said...

Leave it to police? Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Where do you suggest transgender paedophiles should be allowed to live after serving their sentences?

JuliaM said...

"Sadly the hero will likely be prosecuted"

Once, I'd have said 'Never!' but...

"More efficient than the police sometimes is the community."

They are there on the spot, after all.

"See Reduxx story for more details"

We need more of this!

"Where do you suggest transgender paedophiles should be allowed to live after serving their sentences?"

A better question: 'why should transgender paefdophiles be allowed to live anywhere?'

Fahrenheit211 said...

To Anonymous. This trans nonce had inexplicably been given a community order for two yes two sex attacks one of which involved a physical attack on a child in the ladies toilet of a supermarket. He should have been sent to gaol and should already be there.

However it is inevitable that many nonces will end up being released from prison. Some will be released in a state where they've addressed their offending and might well be of lesser danger, but there are others who might not be in such a state and do represent an ongoing threat.

I agree that on release these nonces are going to have to be housed somewhere. But if they are to be housed by the state either by direct housing provision or via Housing Benefit (something that is quite likely) then they maybe should not be housed in an environment with so many children.

In any event this particular nonce had broken his probation conditions and failed to inform the police about any housing moves he made. This nonce chose to live in an area and a building that had a lot of children. The police should have been onto this nonce and his movements much earlier but they were not just as the justice system should have recognised that a physical attack on a child coupled with the lewd suggestions made by this offender to the victim, deserves prison.

As to where they can be housed I don't know except that I would want this nonce anywhere near my child or anyone else's child. Morally I'm more concerned about the victims and potential victims of nonces like these but if they must be housed then more care must be taken with the housing and monitoring of nonces.

Anonymous said...