Sunday 16 October 2022

Well, Where Was It...?

London? Or Liverpool?


Anonymous said...

Close enough.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, neither is part of Britain any more.

Or perhaps they just follow a similar philosophy to my (aeons ago) student cooking advice - "if you do not have access to specific ingredients, merely exchange them for something beginning with the same letter, or the same colour as the missing item you have in the back of a cupboard/under the sink".

(It always led to some 'interesting', and occasionally useful, culinary experiences. I still make my broccoli guacamole, as a replacement for epoxy/super-glue, and it led so many of my friends to find religion - talking to God on the big-white-telephone - that they all started bringing take-ways with them when they visited. Win, win).

JuliaM said...

"Let's be honest, neither is part of Britain any more."