Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Curious Incident Of The Yobs On The Golf Course…

Not sure exactly what to make of this incident (although the comments to the piece give a bit of a clue):
The parents of two boys involved in violent clashes at a golf course say their sons did not deserve the beatings they received.

Pals Jordan Martindale and Charlie Roberts were playing in the woods behind the private Sundridge Park Golf Club in Garden Road, Bromley, when their football went over the fence.

After going on to the course to retrieve it, the pair say they were attacked and rang home to tell their parents what had happened.
Hmm, golfers.

About the only thing I know about them is that they prefer a good walk spoiled. Who knew they were the commuter belt equivalent of Hell’s Angels in reality, without all that need for black leather and the smell of motor oil?
Ms Millett claimed: “The golfers were using their clubs as weapons.

“I just do not understand why it happened.
Me neither. I suspect there’s more to it than the newspapers are saying, though.

Well, either that, or someone really needs to keep an eye on that Tiger Woods, in case he snaps one day and starts laying into the crowd with a 9 iron…
Jordan’s father Terence, of Hillcrest Road, Plaistow, is planning to put in an official complaint about the way the incident was handled by the police.

The 39-year-old claims his ex-partner had to take their son to hospital herself because the police did not call an ambulance.

He also claims a golfer admitted assaulting his son but was made to sit in a golf buggy without handcuffs on rather than being arrested immediately.

The data engineer also claims the police cared more about arresting people for affray and other minor offences than caring for the injured teenagers.
Well, yes. That’s what police do, arrest people. That ‘caring for injured people’ stuff is done by the ambulance staff.

But you’d think the police would come down on grown men who beat innocent kiddiewinks with metal implements for no apparent reason a little harder, wouldn’t you?

Curiouser and curiouser…

Update: The 'Telegraph' has quite a different version of this little tale, to say the least!

Hat-tip - Dogwash in the comments


Pavlov's Cat said...

Julia, thanks for bringing attention to my local freesheet.
If you need a laugh/cry you should look at the comments where some local chav/pikey has wrapped hisself around a tree in a stolen car. (There's normally one a week at least.) Between the "He ws a grt M8 , He didn derserv 2 dye" , "All Boyz mk miztakes " and the " Don't you get it, if he wasn't in stolen car /motorbike he wouldn't be dead" brigade. It can be quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Cracking story which is better understood when you read the newspaper article and the reader comments. SG123 is typical of those enjoyed by Pavlov's Cat. As someone who lived and worked in Bromley for 15 years a decade or so ago I can well believe how out of hand all this got. The Mottingham/Grove Park area is basically one enormous low rise council estate almost merging with the Downham Estate and beset with all the problems one would expect in the 21st century and populated by a large benefit dependant underclass best described as semi house trained pikeys. It is a shame as there are an awful lot of hard working, decent people as well as vulnerable and elderly people who have lived there all their lives and are now trapped in a nightmare by people like Charlie, Jordan and their awful families. On the other hand Bromley and the Sundridge Park area is near the desirable Chislehurst and Bickley areas with a considerably wealthy population; but amongst the bankers, city workers, senior police officers etc there is a large 'Loadsamoney' population who adore Pringle sweaters and big BMW's and Mercs. Amongst this lot are a significant number of proper old fashioned villains who moved 'aht to ve cuntry' a while ago. Two worlds collide in this story and I find it difficult to have any sympathy with either. Charlie and Jordan punched above their weight and they and their families don't abide by the doctrine 'if you can't do the time, don't do the crime'. Their reaction in squealing and appealing for sympathy via the press symptomatic of their underclass 'chav' principles, as is turning out mob handed at a moments notice (Tamil sympathiser style). Also, for anyone to damage or disrupt a gold course is akin (to a golfer) to raping a member of their family. Lesson learned Charlie? Jordan?

Angry Exile said...

Golf clubs to be banned next? Except for single shot versions as used by vets, pest control operatives and starters at athletic events of course.

Edwin Greenwood said...

I haven't got time to do more than scan the News Shopper article at the moment, so apologies if the following has already been covered, but you may find this link (hat tip USS Neverdock) of interest.

Anonymous said...

Just for clarity, the Plaistow referred to is a small area within the borough of Bromley near to Sundridge Park. These people never roam far.

JuliaM said...

"If you need a laugh/cry you should look at the comments where some local chav/pikey has wrapped hisself around a tree in a stolen car."

Oh, that's always my favourite bit of any of these small on-line newspapers. They are usually unmoderated, at least, in real time, so a story like this one (which at first leaves you totally baffled) is usually explained by the comments of the locals.

You do need a pen, paper and guide to 'yoofspeak' handy though...

"Their reaction in squealing and appealing for sympathy via the press symptomatic of their underclass 'chav' principles.."

Spot on!

" may find this link (hat tip USS Neverdock) of interest."

Well, well, well. The truth will out!

North Northwester said...

"Well, well, well. The truth will out!"

Or at least a very highly politicised version of the truth - because this one has the lot: class, race, another class, a really stupid game Gone Bad, Landan attitudes and my old pal: the welfare - dependent underclass.

Now if only we could get some Welsh social workers involved and that nice Mister Gadd, then we'd have a why-oh-why Daily Mail extravaganza on our hands, bless 'em...

Weirdly Star Trek/cheap exhaust franchise word verification to this one: undworfit