Wednesday, 13 May 2009

”'What has she done now, for God's sake? We do not want to talk about her.'”

The heartfelt words of the no doubt long-suffering sister of this little charmer:
At the age of 14, Catherine Scott left her wealthy parents' home to have a baby with a Big Issue seller.

Four years later, she has just had twins by another man more than twice her age.

As a result, she is demanding a better home from the council and more handouts so, she says, she can teach her children not to turn out like her.
Yeah, good luck with that, sweetie…
The 18-year-old rebel, a solicitor's daughter from a £1million house in Sevenoaks, Kent, is not satisfied with the three-bedroom flat, thought to be owned by a housing association, where she and her fiance live in Margate.

She says taxpayers should provide a four-bedroom house in a more affluent area for her, jobless 40-year-old Dean Evans and their children.
Boy, and you thought politicians had an overweening sense of their own self importance and entitlement.

They’ve got nothing on this kid….
Miss Scott, whose boyfriend has five other children by three ex-wives, is also demanding more benefits, saying that £16,000 a year is not enough to live on.
Well, that’s because it’s not meant to be a sum you live on in perpetuity, you idle little cow! It’s meant to be a sum that tides you over and stops your children starving until you get a job and stop living off the sweat of the people who do work.
'It's a farce,' said Miss Scott, still in Pembury Hospital after giving birth to Presley and Amber by caesarean section ten days ago.

'We're not being fussy but we don't know anyone and there are 52 steps up to our front door. '
Well, thank god for that! Hopefully, it’ll keep you too tired to do any more breeding of welfare guzzlers…
Miss Scott says she refused to attend school from the age of 12 and became pregnant a year later by a 29-year-old Big Issue seller she met at the station.
And he was prosecuted for underage sex, right? And she was immediately taken into care as an out-of-control minor?

No, I don’t suppose they were, either…
At 14, she gave birth to a son but after six months she left him with her parents Katherine and John, saying she could not cope. She moved in with a friend and moved out with the friend's husband, Mr Evans, after beginning an affair in 2007.
This is a joke, right? Catherine, sweetie, episodes of ‘Jerry Springer’ aren’t bloody instruction manuals for the urban lifestyle…
The couple have already been evicted from one flat for not paying their rent and claim their human rights have been breached because the council will not rehouse them.
They know absolutely nothing of morality, frugality or responsibility, but ‘their ‘uman rights’? Those, they know. Or at least, think they do….
Puffing on a cigarette, she added: 'I'm a natural with the twins because I'm more grown up. I can't wait to take my babies out of the hospital to show them off. We'll be OK - we'll get child benefit, child tax credits and milk tokens.'
She actually sounds a lot younger than eighteen to me – she seems to regard the new life she has just brought into the world as nothing more than a matched set of Barbies.
The couple compare themselves to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Mr Evans, who claims to have slept with more than 200 women and aspires to have ten children, hopes Presley will be a footballer.

He was not present at the birth of the twins. But he asked his first wife Sue Blake, 51, with whom he split in 1998 after cheating on her, to hold his fiancee's hand.
Oh, yeah. This one’s a keeper alright, Catherine….
The former builder pays no maintenance for his children as he has been unable to work since suffering a groin injury when he was impaled by a steel girder in September 2006.
*sigh* We couldn’t have got lucky, could we? Just a few inches to the left or right, and….
Now he is hoping for a £200,000 compensation payout to give his new family a 'good start'.
Well, of course! It wouldn’t be an episode of ‘Shameless: The Next Generation‘ without the obligatory claim for compo, would it?
He said: 'I do my best on my benefits, but more money would be nice. I got a crisis loan off the DSS and topped it up with the government maternity grant so I could get them nice stuff. More than £1,000 went on clothes - I got Presley a Spurs kit and bib. I also bought a double buggy, a couple of cots - and a new puppy.'
I’m going to have to stop here, because I think there’s something wrong with my monitor. Everything’s suddenly gone red….

Oh, no. My mistake. The monitor’s fine, it was just the rage taking hold.

And here’s the problem with this little vignette of modern England – this isn’t a hopeless denizen of the underclass here, born to welfare dependency and knowing nothing else (though her children almost certainly will be). She had a good start in life, but has obviously realised that there’s no point to working like everyone else. She can emulate the hopeless denizen born to the underclass and wallow in welfare dependency because there are no consequences anymore!

You can have voluntary underage sex and get pregnant, and you won’t be arrested or sent for psychiatric evaluation. Your children won’t starve or be taken from you. You won’t be destitute or on the streets, because you’ll be given a house. You won’t have to work because the State will clothe and feed not just you, but all the children you can pump out, no restrictions. You won’t even be vilified, in fact, you’ll be interviewed by a mass media publication, and given the kind of tawdry publicity that seems to be all that your kind want from life nowadays.

Looking at all that, it’s a wonder there aren’t far, far more Catherines, isn’t it? But there soon will be, unless we find some way to rediscover consequences.

Or, at the very least, that old fashioned emotion called shame


Macheath said...

Please tell me someone made this story up!

If these people are living in the real world, it can only be in the loosest possible sense: having (unwisely)followed your link, I read that,
'if Amber fell pregnant when she was young I'd support her, but I'd rather she was a ballet dancer or a model.'those, of course, being the only realistic career choices for the child.
Meanwhile, the father spends his crisis loan on a Spurs kit for his son who is all of ten days old.The really frightening thing is that, despite the best efforts of fate in the form of a steel girder, there are now two new human beings in the world whose DNA is entirely derived from these deluded, self-indulgent fanstasists.

Actually, the whole think looks rather like blackmail to me - her parents have had enough and cut the supply lines, so she's gone to the tabloids...

It's all making my brain hurt, so I'll stop now.

Vetnurse said...

I just got in from a night shift was going to have a quite check before falling into bed. Now l am all hyped and red monitored.

Never mind pdsa/rspca will take the burden from the taxpayer and pay for the puppy vets fees "innit".

Rob said...

My chav monitor just started buzzing, it was so hot.

What struck me was not just the thieving of public money and the sense of entitlement (we have seen that a million times before), but the sheer childishness of these people. The father is an adult, forty years old, but witters on about his son being a footballer and buying Spurs kits for a ten year old baby. Sixteen year olds act like this.

He has no concept of the value of money, of dignity, of working instead of scrounging. Shame is part of the glue holding society together - when you remove shame or the prospect of it, people become selfish, childish individualists like these. The irony is that the Left wanted to remove Shame because they believed that a selfish, individualistic society bred losers who needed to be protected. All they have done is accelerated that process!

Word verification: twrifts. Ironically almost like 'thrift'.

Jeff Wood said...

Being me, I feel sorry for the pup.

Umbongo said...


But it's "within the rules" so that's alright. This excuse has been trotted out by any number of MPs recently in respect of their excesses and the public has not been convinced. Furthermore the (taxpaying) public is not convinced that Catherine and her fertile men-friends should receive their legal due.

You, other bloggers and the MSM are filled with examples of underclass (legal) thievery but the government - and, more to the point, government-supporting MPs - do nothing. It's not that Catherine (or her friends) would ever consider getting off their backsides to go to the polling station: turning up regularly at the benefit office to claim their entitlements is another matter. Rather it's that the existence of Catherine and other members of the benefiterati provides a massive payroll vote for Labour from those in the public sector who work in this "tax and spend" wasteland.

Dr Evil said...

This is where I start reaching for the shotgun. I want to put them out of our misery. It's the benefit culture and free accommodation that fuels this. If she got nothing for the children and no flat she probably wouldn't have done it. If the parents knew they would have to look after her and her kid and pay for everything they might have done more to control her.

bogus said...

oh, who will rid us of these troublesome chavs?

Macheath said...

Over at Comment is Free, the Guardianistas have been gleefully crucifying Chris Woodhead for suggesting that intelligence is largely inherited and thus that the young of doctors, lawyers etc are generally more able academically and do better at school.

In the interests of science, perhaps this young woman, as an evident exception, should be the subject of a research project to establish whether he is correct. Then at least she would be giving something back to society.

JuliaM said...

"The really frightening thing is that, despite the best efforts of fate in the form of a steel girder, there are now two new human beings in the world whose DNA is entirely derived from these deluded, self-indulgent fanstasists."

And think how many more like them there are...

But the 'blackmail' thing occured to me too. Well, less 'blackmail' that a case of 'I need someone else to sponge off now mummy's disowned me'.

"Never mind pdsa/rspca will take the burden from the taxpayer and pay for the puppy vets fees "innit"."

Which is just what all those little old ladies who leave the charities a small sum in their wills intend them to spend it on. I'm sure.

"..the sheer childishness of these people..."

Yup, they are the perfect NuLab voter all right. Utterly mired in their own dependency and seeing nothing wrong with it.

"Being me, I feel sorry for the pup."

You're not alone in that...

JuliaM said...

"But it's "within the rules" so that's alright. "


Funnily enough, this very same phrase was gleefully thrown back at a council official in the Jeremy Vine Radio 2 call-in show by the man who dreamed up this little wheeze to thwart the NuPuritans.

They didn't like it up 'em, needless to say...

"If the parents knew they would have to look after her and her kid and pay for everything they might have done more to control her."

I've got a bit of sympathy for the parents here, because she seems a right little hellion, and with all their 'uman rights these days, there seems little that parents can do when the State won't back them up.

The shotgun idea is looking better and better, nind you...

"In the interests of science, perhaps this young woman, as an evident exception, should be the subject of a research project to establish whether he is correct."

That sounds like a good idea. As long as she is treated like all other lab animals after the research has been conducted.

It's the humane thing to do... ;)

bogus said...

u dissing me 'humane' rights, innit!
(fo sho)

Vetnurse said...

How can you tell 98% of the pdsa/rspca/charity paid pets.
The owners have new cars,
tomtoms (top of the range)
brand new top of the range phones,
Brand new cars,
stink of booze/cigs
pedigee pets that all cost upwards of £300 each