Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Give It A Few More Years, And No-one Will Even Notice....

They seemed the perfect toys to teach inquisitive young minds the basics of the ABC.

Unfortunately, even a child could spot something was seriously wrong with the set of alphabet building blocks.

The block for 'U' was marked with the word 'umberlla' under a colourful brolly, while the side for 'Y' had a boat sailing over the word 'yatch'.

A third face had some creative punctuation, with 'X' standing for X'mas tree.
They originate, of course, from China. The mother who spotted the errors was incensed:
'There are only 26 words on these blocks,' said Mrs Toulson, a tax manager. 'You'd think they'd be able to get them all right.'
Actually, three out of twenty-six isn't a bad hit rate when you are a peasent worker toiling to produce a foreighn language toy for mere pennies a day.

Consider the 'comments' column in any online newspaper - this one Laban Tall points to is a good example.

Suddenly those blocks don't look too out of place after all, do they?


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Read it and weep, baby!

JuliaM said...


We're doomed, aren't we...?

Macheath said...

I suppose, in this litigious age, we should be relieved Mrs Toulson did not sue for damages - although I suppose a child could hardly be disadvantaged by being unable to spell 'yacht' unless its father is Fred Goodwin.

Incidentally, my teenage son's current garb of choice is a hooded T-shirt bearing the legend:


JuliaM said...

D'oh! ;)

AntiCitizenOne said...

I spotted your deliberate spelling error (foreighn).

Do I win a prize?