Friday, 1 May 2009

Couldn't They Just Wait A While...

...and let MRSA do the job?
The A&E department of a busy London hospital was sealed off when a gang fight erupted outside after a man was stabbed to death and another was injured.
So, who were these mysterious 'people'?
A police spokesman said: 'We were called at 1.05pm to Willow Tree Lane to reports of a fight and we found a man, believed to be 21, suffering stab wounds at the scene. He was taken to hospital and pronounced dead.

'At 2pm we were called to Ealing Hospital where a man of 28 had attended with stab wounds. He has been arrested in connection with the Willow Tree Lane incident.'

Police today said that two other men aged 29 and 30 and two women aged 24 and 26 had also been arrested in connection with the killing.
Hmmm, do we have a MONA situation here, I wonder?

Well, the 'Mail' has a picture. Judge for yourself....

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