Wednesday, 6 May 2009

District Judge Philip Browning's Wacky Adventures In JusticeLand...

Hmmm, so, let's see:

Refusing to wear a jacket identifying you as a first-class piece of scum because the requirement wasn't on your original work order? Perfectly fine.

Boasting about criminal behaviour on the Internet? Crime of the century.

Breach food hygene regulations? Pay fines totalling £20,000 and costs of £20,000.

Forget to check the paperwork for your aircraft is in order and therefore that it's airworthy, and then take off in it? Pay £17,500 in fines and costs, please.

Now, I know they don't really just make it up as they go along. But, it certainly seems that way sometimes....


Umbongo said...


"District Judge" is the absurdly exaggerated title of what used to be called a "stipendary magistrate" - the lowest form of paid judicial life. It is usually awarded to those who cannot make it in the real world as a lawyer (except in the CPS where anybody with a legal qualification from the University of Chav is acceptable) and who - even with the degraded standards of the 21st century - are not suitable for the High Court. Hence DJ Browning's eccentric take on the law. In any other profession he would have ended up clearing the waste-paper baskets at the end of the business day.

Von Spreuth. said...

The first one;

District Judge Philip Browning said: "The requirement to wear the marked vest was introduced and imposed some three months after the defendant signed his agreement, which did not include such a requirement,He is perfectly correct. British law can NOT be retrospective. Which in this case it WOULD be if he had decided any other way.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

Umbongo said...

"British law can NOT be retrospective"

Unfortunately it can and this government has passed retrospective laws accordingly. In the UK the Crown in Parliament is supreme and can pass any laws it wants retrospective or otherwise.

Von Spreuth. said...

Na a lot has changes since my police training.

THEN they coulöd not be...well sentences could not be.

But then, sfter 10 years of "ooohhhh please do THAT to my again Bushy" Blair, and Incapability Brown, NOTHING drawn directly from the law books of the DDR or the USSR surprises me.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

JuliaM said...

""District Judge" is the absurdly exaggerated title of what used to be called a "stipendary magistrate"..."

Ah, the polytechnic (in 'old money') of the justice world, then...? ;)

AudioOBone said...

District Judge Browning is a malicious, pompous man that cannot put correct weight to evidence.
He is also a District Judge, which is rather worrying, he hides behind his "untouchable" status as a minor Judge, but untouchable his is.
I, along with other rational and reasonable people, who live within his dictatorship, hold him in utter contempt.