Monday, 18 May 2009

“Hello, Police? I Want To Report A Totally Unforeseeable Event…”

It was a love affair that was condemned as a tragic error and celebrated as a triumph over conformism in equal measures.

But only weeks after her husband was given conditional release for good behaviour, the police have been called to her Paris flat after he allegedly threatened to kill her.
Well, fancy
Miss Dalle, 44, best-known for her 1986 portrayal of the wildly passionate but unstable Betty, married Guenaël Meziani in 2005 in a jail in Brittany – in an impulsive move that mirrored the role that made her name.

She had fallen "in love at first sight" while in prison making a film about life behind bars.

The pair spent only 24 hours together before the wedding – in weekly 60-minute visits. "But this hour we share is so enriching that he could be anywhere, the end of the world, and I'd still go," she told Elle magazine at the time.
Hmmm, it seems possible that she wasn’t actually acting the role of ‘wildly passionate but unstable’ Betty in that film after all…
Mr Meziani, 34, was handed down a 12-year prison sentence later that year for having locked up, beaten and raped his ex-girlfriend, but told the court that prison had changed him.
Or not…


Rob Farrington said...

Next up:

"Tragically, Miss Dalle was found electrocuted in her home early this morning. Experts believe that her death may have been due to an accident involving her laptop, which was apparently found plugged by an extension cord into a mains electricity socket.

Friends following her on 'Twitter' have reported that her last entry was 'Having a lovely bath right now. I just love those bubbles around my, where did I put that soa'".

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