Monday, 4 May 2009

They Are Pretty Good Judges Of Character...

...for a satire website:
Nick Brown: The chief whip has been described as Mr Brown's 'hatchet man' as if he's some kind of East End gangster, but is actually just some fat ponce of a politician who would piss himself in a bar fight.
Daily Mash


Anonymous said...

I knew him at university he was the moving force behind Soc Soc he was a soft pudding then any amateur street fighter could beat the living shit out of him. Looking back I should have twatted him.

His maiden speech was about beer prices in the house of commons bars piss head then piss head now.
A complete tosser!

JuliaM said...

"Looking back I should have twatted him."

Ah, missed opportunities... ;)

Anonymous said...

Another complete tosser was David Aronovitch a Communist Party of Great Britain apologist for the soviet union these kind of onanists represent our political class.

Their biggest fear is that the BNP get more votes than they do at the European elections lets make it so!
Because of these apparatchniks the British working classes have no voice in what happens in the country their ancestors built with their labour. The BNP is sadly the last voice of the British worker.

North Northwester said...

...Mr Brown's 'hatchet man' as if he's some kind of East End gangster,

But aren't you forgetting the subtle cosa nostra menace of Tony 'The Moose' Blair, Hilary ' Bugsy The Shark' Benn, and Eduardo 'Eddie the Ring-Tailed Lemur' Balls?

Oldrightie said...

Looking back I should have twatted him.

Quite a few did and continue to do so. A creep of the worst kind and a savourer of the same predelictions as his boss. Was a regular visitor to Dunblane campaigns.

SteveShark said...

Mind you, he's been working out and looks a bit fitter now:

Firebird said...

"Eduardo 'Eddie the Ring-Tailed Lemur' Balls"

ROFLMAO! Oh boy THAT is going to stick in my head!